Scoggins Cemetery is located near the intersection of Hwy 58 and Greenwood Road north of the Harrison community in Hamilton County, Tennessee.  Take Greenwood Road (next to Winn-Dixie) east off Hwy 58, take immediate right on dirt road.  Cemetery is in pasture.  Private property.  Good condition, in chain-link fence.  Please donít try to access this property without permission & escort by the Scoggins family. Surveyed July 2001.

Names of individuals in this cemetery were recorded as they appeared on the tombstones. No attempt was made to correct obvious errors or differences in spelling. Every attempt has been made to record this information correctly. However, mistakes are possible.  The information on this page may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit or presentation by any other person or organization without the written consent of the contributor, the legal representative of the submitter, or The Hamilton County Tennessee Genealogy Society.


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Fugate, Amos Edward 11/11/1922 09/01/1976   Parents-Mell C & Zoe D Fugate; wife was Bobbie Jean Scoggins Fugate; US Navy
Fugate, Mark Dewayne 05/23/1958 05/25/1958   father-Amos Edward Fugate next; (mother is Bobbie Jean Scoggins Fugate)
Fugate, Mell C 05/22/1896 09/13/1978   wife-Zoe D Fugate;  Pvt US Army WWI
Fugate, Zoe D 04/20/1899     husband-Mell C Fugate next; son-Amos Edward Fugate; gson-Mark Dewayne Fugate
Morgan, Addie May 03/00/1934 09/23/1939   parents: Latt Walter & Beulah Ann Morgan next
Morgan, Beulah Ann Scoggins 05/10/1907 09/28/1992 11/02/1932 husband-Latt Walter Morgan next; children-Addie May & Ronnie Hugh Morgan
Morgan, Latt Walter 03/02/1902 11/29/1951 11/02/1932 wife-Beulah Ann Scoggins Morgan
Morgan, Ronnie Hugh 09/11/1947 01/18/1993   parents-Latt Walter & Beulah Ann Scoggins Morgan; Lt US Navy
Scoggins, Addie Trythenia Davis 12/28/1886 03/11/1960   husband-Wm Newton Scoggins
Scoggins, Alvie Lee 10/30/1918 09/10/1957   parents-Warren Luther Sr & Emma Stover Scoggins
Scoggins, Charles Andrew 06/05/1901 07/19/1971   parents-Thomas Newton & Sarah Elizabeth Estes Scoggins
Scoggins, Columbus Phillip 01/05/1885 12/14/1950    
Scoggins, Emma Stover 09/05/1894 11/07/1987   Eastern Star; husband-Warren Luther Stover Sr
Scoggins, Richard A 09/03/1919 03/03/1921   surrounded by Scoggins
Scoggins, Sarah Elizabeth Estes 11/13/1858 10/30/1926 04/21/1878 husband-Thomas Newton Scoggins
Scoggins, Thomas "Tommy" 00/00/1913 00/00/1921    
Scoggins, Thomas Newton 05/24/1858 07/25/1920 04/21/1878 wife-Sarah Elizabeth Estes Scoggins
Scoggins, Warren Luther, Jr 03/10/1926 12/23/1941   Killed in hunting accident; parents-Warren Luther Sr & Emma Stover Scoggins
Scoggins, Warren Luther, Sr 03/29/1889 09/20/1965   Mason; wife-Emma Stover Scoggins
Scoggins, William Newton 07/17/1883 10/08/1961   wife-Addie Trythenia Davis Scoggins