Parker Cemetery is located in the Lookout Valley area of Chattanooga. It is an old cemetery that is no longer in use and located on private property. It has suffered from so many years of neglect and vandalism that only three visible markers remain. There are reported to be over 100 unmarked graves in Parker Cemetery. This survey was transcribed from a survey made in 1939 by the Works Project Administration.

From Chattanooga take I-24 West and take the Browns Ferry Road exit. Turn left and travel 1/2 mile to Cummings Road. Turn left on Cummings Road and take the first street to the left. The cemetery lies 2/10 of a mile on the left hand side of the street.

Transcribed by Dennis Wilson

Names of individuals in this cemetery were recorded as they appeared on the tombstones. No attempt was made to correct obvious errors or differences in spelling. Every attempt has been made to record this information correctly. However, mistakes are possible.  The information on this page may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit or presentation by any other person or organization without the written consent of the contributor, the legal representative of the submitter, or The Hamilton County Tennessee Genealogy Society.

Deceased Born Died Notes
Beason, Henry H 11/6/1820 7/27/1887  
Beason, Tempie A Light 10/16/1833   W/O H H Beason
Frist, J B 3/25/1853 7/9/1925  
Frist, Molie 10/27/1866 4/10/1935  
Groves, Emiline 6/8/1892 1/18/1926 Sister
Groves, R B 11/6/1917 5/6/1923  
McMurray, Millie May 3/29/1902 1/31/1908  
O'Barr, Francis S   11/2/1908  
Parker, Allen 12/14/1820 12/9/1902  
Parker, Elizabeth 1830 1915 Mother
Parker, Thomas 1830 1911 Father
Parker, William 1857 1929 Brother
Payne, William   9/28/1915 Unmarked; Info from obituary; age 71.
Rains, George   10/30/1925 Unmarked; Info from obituary; age 65.
Rains, Lee Ann   8/12/1936 Unmarked; Info from obituary; age 85; W/O George Rains
Sharp, Pearl 2/26/1896 3/29/1936  
Snyder, Harvey R, Jr. 4/10/1925 9/25/1925 Son
Snyder, Harvey R, Sr. 4/30/1903 11/19/1927 Father
Watkins, William H 7/30/1914 10/2/1927  
Watkins, William H 11/11/1885 10/2/1927  
Fowler, Fannie Killingsworth   1/3/1946 Unmarked. Info from obituary courtesy of David Fowler.