McCallie Cemetery is located on TVA property near the community of Birchwood, on the edge of the Tennessee River.  Birchwood is in the northwest corner of Hamilton County on Hwy 60 which runs between Cleveland, Tn to Dayton, Tn.  From the center of Birchwood, take Johnson Road south off Hwy 60 1.5 miles until it deadends into Parker Loop.  Take Parker Loop left 1.3 miles and turn left into Grasshopper Creek Recreation area.  Take this road 4/10 mile and see a closed gate on the left.  This gated road is paved.  Walk past the gate approximately 450 yards, keep to the left (picnic area on the right).  As the paved road ends in a clearing, the cemetery is approximately 25 yards to the left.  The cemetery is not badly overgrown although it isnít mowed. Surveyed in June 2003.

Names of individuals in this cemetery were recorded as they appeared on the tombstones. No attempt was made to correct obvious errors or differences in spelling. Every attempt has been made to record this information correctly. However, mistakes are possible.  The information on this page may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit or presentation by any other person or organization without the written consent of the contributor, the legal representative of the submitter, or The Hamilton County Tennessee Genealogy Society.

Dungan, Effa M 06/30/1879 03/31/1907  
Dungan, Ida A 01/03/1873 09/27/1916  
Dungan, James L 01/02/1833 01/29/1915 Capt Co I 2nd Regt Tn Inf Civil War
Dungan, Manda M 00/00/1883 00/00/1967 "Mother"
Dungan, Mary J 04/18/1850 03/05/1937  
Dungan, Riley C 06/20/1881 01/19/1939  
Guinn, Sarah S 05/09/1893 01/30/1928  
Johnson, Mary M 05/16/1880 09/06/1977  
Johnson, Thomas J 05/15/1888 12/22/1972  
McCallie, Alex P 03/29/1868 09/23/1938  
McCallie, Archibald A "Arch" 08/19/1867 11/17/1909  
McCallie, Archibald L 08/23/1843 10/18/1920  
McCallie, Cintha J 00/00/1854 00/00/1932  
McCallie, Frank C 01/12/1894 03/25/1966  
McCallie, Fredie 06/27/1906 03/06/1910  
McCallie, Infant Girl 12/11/1900 01/11/1901  
McCallie, John P 03/10/1866 01/06/1931  
McCallie, Josie K 02/01/1906 03/11/1982  
McCallie, Kate 11/05/1890 07/22/1968 "Sister"
McCallie, Lawrence T "Lon" 06/10/1902 08/27/1989  
McCallie, Margaret Adlaid 09/14/1878 02/06/1975  
McCallie, Margaret Ann Roark 05/11/1842 02/13/1927  
McCallie, Nancy E 10/30/1874 03/05/1903  
McCallie, Sarah Jane 04/25/1874 06/18/1960  
McCallie, Stacy Stulce 11/30/1874 10/03/1907 "Wife of James Leonard McCallie"
McCallie, Thomas J 01/11/1869 11/10/1937  
McCallie, Virgie B "Virga" 02/03/1875 04/06/1963  
Newman, Laura Vesta 06/08/1877 10/22/1936 "Mother"
Stulce, Abner S 02/20/1841 05/24/1932  
Stulce, Leonard Hiram 08/19/1845 10/29/1909  
Stulce, Sarah A Wright 03/04/1848 03/21/1915  
Wright, Inez Dungan 10/29/1907 01/05/1995