Matthews Cemetery is located on private property. It sits on what is known as the old Pleasant Matthews plantation on Ooltewah-Georgetown Road just south of Highway 60. Surveyed in 1999.

Photo courtesy of Cynthia Chavis Matsumoto

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Names of individuals in this cemetery were recorded as they appeared on the tombstones. No attempt was made to correct obvious errors or differences in spelling. Every attempt has been made to record this information correctly. However, mistakes are possible.  The information on this page may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit or presentation by any other person or organization without the written consent of the contributor, the legal representative of the submitter, or The Hamilton County Tennessee Genealogy Society.

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Card, Dorothy Shelley 06/25/1916 04/13/2006    
Edwards, Edward 08/27/1854 02/14/1931 12/19/1877  
Edwards, Ethel 10/04/1881 05/23/1884   Daughter of E & N Edwards
Edwards, Nancy Matthews 09/01/1857 11/11/1944 12/19/1877  
Edwards, Raymond 12/14/1878 03/27/1942    
Hagler, Hattie 05/00/1878 05/00/1923    
King, Susan Matthews 00/00/1817 00/00/1852   w/o - Rev. Alfred King; Tombstone photo courtesy of Cynthia Matsumoto
Luttrell, Martin 00/00/1789 03/06/1866    
Matthews, George W 05/01/1821 09/30/1901   Lt Co F & 4th Tn Inf
Matthews, J T or W?       "Son of Rev James A & Mary A Matthews
Matthews, James A, Rev 06/06/1812 03/16/1883   Mason
Matthews, John 00/00/1784 06/01/1869   Tombstone photo courtesy of Cynthia Matsumoto
Matthews, Martha A 09/20/1854 07/30/1911    
Matthews, Mary A Blair 10/30/1815 02/01/1892    
Matthews, Mary E Watkins 00/00/1821 11/17/1888    
Matthews, Nancy McAllester 00/00/1785 05/05/1860    
Matthews, Pleasant L "Pleas" 08/17/1825 10/12/1898    
Matthews, Thomas       Tombstone photo courtesy of Cynthia Chavis Matsumoto
Matthews, William E 05/10/1847 12/16/1883    
McCulley, S D 06/13/1876 04/26/1942    
McCulley, Tennessee G "Tennie" Morgan 11/15/1877 11/21/1932    
Morgan, James       Co C 5th Tn Inf
Morgan, John Beavers 02/28/1855 01/24/1941    
Morgan, Mary I or E Roberson 04/04/1860 12/05/1937    
Morgan, Minnie S 04/21/1881 10/19/1960    
Morgan, William W 01/17/1887 07/14/1909    
Roberson, Hannah M 03/11/1844 12/12/1927    
Roberson, W A 05/25/1838 03/26/1910   Mason; Ga 4th Tn Cavalry
Runyan, A A 11/07/1855 06/08/1921    
Runyan, Nancy C 00/00/1825 09/04/1860   "Wife of Simeon P Runyan"
Runyan, Sallie McCulley 02/15/1853 03/01/1918   "Mother"
Shelley, Alice Bollinger 11/25/1914 09/06/1997   "Mother"; Tombstone photo courtesy of Cynthia Matsumoto
Shelley, Harriet Hudson 04/4/1924 01/24/1997 03/17/1951 w/o - Oscar Lemar Shelley; Tombstone photo courtesy of Cynthia Matsumoto
Shelley, Inez Edwards 04/13/1884 09/22/1956 06/23/1904  
Shelley, James Howard 02/21/1908 10/12/1977   Pvt US Army WWII
Shelley, James Monroe 09/08/1878 08/06/1969 06/23/1904  
Shelley, Marvin Matthew 09/15/1920 07/30/2006   Tombstone photo courtesy of Cynthia Matsumoto
Shelley, Oscar Lemar 11/02/1918 01/11/1994 03/17/1951 h/o - Harriet Hudson Shelley; Tombstone photo courtesy of Cynthia Matsumoto
Shelley, Raymond D 07/24/1911 12/03/1985   Tech 5 US Army WWII