Magill cemetery is located in the Lookout Valley (Tiftonia) area of Chattanooga. It is also referred to as McGill Cemetery. The land was donated by John Magill. This survey is a combination of a WPA survey done in 1939 and a survey performed by David Cannon in March of 2003. The cemetery is very neglected, overgrown and difficult to access.

 From Chattanoga, take I-24 West to exit 174 (the last exit before the Georgia line). Left on US41 for about 100 yards, then right on US 11 heading South. Go approximately 1.5 miles to entrance to Tiftonia Rock Crusher, which is just before a railroad underpass. The Road to cemetery is on the West side of US 11 and goes up the hill. Road is now overgrown and suitable for foot traffic only. The rock crusher road also leads to the cemetery but no trespassing signs are posted and gate is locked when the quarry is closed.

Surveyed by David Cannon
 March, 2003

Names of individuals in this cemetery were recorded as they appeared on the tombstones. No attempt was made to correct obvious errors or differences in spelling. Every attempt has been made to record this information correctly. However, mistakes are possible.  The information on this page may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit or presentation by any other person or organization without the written consent of the contributor, the legal representative of the submitter, or The Hamilton County Tennessee Genealogy Society.

Breedlove, Clara 11/15/1889 04/25/1939  
Cordell, Susannah E Isbell 01/00/1837 07/20/1915 W/O Wiley Cordell; D/O Jason & Nancy Isbell; Info provided by family
Cummings, Frank 03/02/1885 01/26/1953  
Cummings, Hannah 11/26/1882 03/17/1965  
Cummings, Lizzie A 12/25/1848 11/20/1877 W/O Thomas Cummings; WPA Record
Cummings, Rachael E L 07/15/1857 08/11/1886 WPA Record
Cummings, Sam 04/08/1855 09/29/18??  
Cummings, Sarah   00/00/1913 See obit
Cummings, Tennie Parker 12/18/1854 10/12/1945 W/O Sam Cummings; See obituary
Cummings, Thomas 02/09/1878 10/12/1960  
Cummings, Will   02/00/1919  
Doyal, William 10/18/1856 10/23/189?  
Doyl, John 03/09/18?? 08/00/18??  
Evans, Hannah D 00/00/1873    
Evans, Samuel M 00/00/1871 00/00/1945  
Evans, W C 05/12/1882 04/09/1908 WPA Record
Forester, George C   04/18/1928 See Obituary
Godsey, Sidney T 09/17/1908 12/21/1928  
Hartman, A L 10/30/1849 09/29/1913 See Obituary
Hartman, Ann Pettijohns 04/26/1854 08/19/1926 W/O A L Hartman; WPA Record; See obituary
Hartman, Bettie 00/00/1874 10/01/1945 W/O Tom Hartman; See obituary
Hartman, Thomas (Tom) 00/00/1876 08/30/1936 See obituary
Holliday, Gus 08/00/1874 09/09/1939 See obituary
Johns, J G 10/28/1848 05/31/1920 WPA Record
Johns, Lonnie Carroll 02/10/1872 10/18/1894 WPA Record
Johns, R G 10/00/1861 01/21/1917 WPA Record
Knighten, Julie Kee 06/06/1856 03/23/1872  
Magill, Columbus L 03/12/1845 10/19/1916 WPA Record
Magill, Cynthia E 10/31/1844 02/01/1929 W/O C L Magill; WPA Record
Magill, Hugh 02/05/1802 06/00/1873  
Magill, John 02/05/1873 06/09/1873 WPA Record
Magill, Rebecca 12/11/1805 01/00/1886 W/O Hugh Magill
Nabors, Goldie 02/01/1909 10/19/1910 WPA Record
Nabors, Lawrence C 08/29/1899 10/00/1902 WPA Record
Nabors, Nellie 10/19/1878 11/21/1925 WPA Record
Nabors, W H 10/22/1861 01/00/1908  
Rayborn, James 11/17/1889 04/13/1924 Age 36 yrs; WPA Record
Rayborn, Sam R 04/08/1896 10/28/1925 WPA Record
Rowden, Elizabeth   11/00/1899 W/O Isaac C Rowden; WPA Record
Rowden, Infant Daughter   00/00/1899 D/O M/M N E Rowden; WPA Record
Rowden, Isaac Curry   00/00/1877 WPA Record
Rowden, Mary   00/00/1876 WPA Record
Rowden, S E, Jr   00/00/1890 S/O M/M S E Rowden; WPA Record
Rowden, Susan   00/00/1896 WPA Record
Smith, Annie   07/22/1925 Age 79 yrs; WPA Record
Smith, Carroll 03/03/1838 03/31/1909 WPA Record
Tittle, John 12/03/1818 09/05/1897 WPA Record
Tittle, John M 03/31/1857 02/21/1910