King's Point
(Old Sivley)

    King's Point Cemetery is located off Highway 153, south of the Chickamauga Dam and north of Chickamauga Creek on property that is owned by the Tennessee Valley Authority. Since it is located on government property, special permission is required to visit the cemetery. King's Point Baptist Church was once located near the cemetery. The church burned in the early 1900's and was never rebuilt. The cemetery was closed in 1938 and has not been maintained since. It is so overgrown that finding any recognizable tombstones is extremely difficult. Charles W. Lusk conducted this survey on June 20, 1941. Even at that time, he reported the neglect and overgrowth in the cemetery and was not certain that he had found all the tombstones. Several additional names have been added from a WPA survey which was conducted prior to 1941.

      King's Point Cemetery is the final resting place of nine members of the W. J Woodward family killed in a collision with a railroad train on February 24,1897. At the bottom of this survey is an account of that fatal train accident given by Charles W. Lusk.

Surveyed June 20, 1941 by Charles W. Lusk
Submitted by Dennis C. Wilson

Names of individuals in this cemetery were recorded as they appeared on the tombstones. No attempt was made to correct obvious errors or differences in spelling. Every attempt has been made to record this information correctly. However, mistakes are possible.  The information on this page may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit or presentation by any other person or organization without the written consent of the contributor, the legal representative of the submitter, or The Hamilton County Tennessee Genealogy Society.

Tragic Story of the Woodward Family

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Armstrong, Andrew Jackson 4/17/1853 5/20/1898
Armstrong, Belle Hughes 6/9/1851 4/19/1917 W/O Andrew Jackson Armstrong
Armstrong, Henry L 11/4/1877 7/2/1900  
Atchley, J M 6/18/1842 5/16/1906  
Barbee, Ann 1/6/1853 5/10/1921 W/O James Barbee
Beavers, Irene 1/13/1907 6/24/1911 D/O JA & Lessie Beavers
Bernett, Infant Son     S/O S & N Bernett
Bettis, Nannie Bell 9/10/1895 8/9/1914  
Burger, Herbert      
Clark, James 1/6/1872 1/13/1923  
Davis, Albert A 3/1/1891 10/13/1891 S/O T & JL Davis
Davis, Alfred T 8/18/1887 3/6/1888 S/O T & JL Davis
Davis, Eddy S 5/9/1880 12/20/1890 S/O T & JL Davis
Denton, Mrs. J L 9/23/1926   age 30 yrs Undertaker's Marker
Desha, Charlie A 6/28/1883 11/29/1890  
Desha, Mary E 3/7/1850 6/17/1906 W/O A H Desha
Ellison, Clifford 9/19/1909 6/1/1921  
Elmore, E A 1/11/1881 8/9/1901  
Elmore, George 3/8/1873 1/6/1901  
Elmore, James   7/1/1907 Age 45 yrs
Elmore, Rebecca   3/12/1889 Age 35 Yrs W/O James Elmore
Farmer, Mrs. Rena   3/22/1927 Age 42 yrs
Foster, Margie Mae 1/17/1905 6/2/1905 D/O Charles & Minnie Foster
Gardenhire, Ellen 1/28/1880 12/28/1901 Age 21 yrs
Gaston, Mrs. N E 1/25/1849 3/7/1895  
Glass, Fannie 2/25/1841 9/26/1901  
Good, Infant Son     S/O Mary A & A H Good
Good, Mary E 10/14/1887 7/30/1908 W/O A H Good
Hallmark, Thelma Marie 5/3/1922 4/4/1926 D/O HG & Hattie Hallmark
Hazelwood, Ruth L 12/21/1915 5/13/1917 D/O W & A L Hazelwood
Hilliard, Adline 2/20/1921 4/15/1921  
Hilliard, J T 2/6/1916 10/20/1916  
Hilliard, Margarett 1/16/1918 10/1/1919  
Hornby, Henry 1842   Age 55 yrs
Horner, Fannie B 11/2/1908 12/13/1908
Horner, J D 1/15/1879 3/15/1895 D/O J T Horner
Horner, L G 6/23/1866 5/21/1909  
Horner, Mary   11/12/1897 Age 67 yrs; W/O J T Horner
Hunt, Mrs. Jannie 7/2/1867 3/6/1915  
Jenkins, Herschel   7/21/1923 Age 19 mo
Jolly, Lou 6/4/1881 6/22/1903 WPA Record: Born 6/14/1884
Jones, Billie 7/9/1898 10/10/1918  
Jones, Thomas 5/20/1848 10/27/1914  
Kindrick, B E 9/12/1850 12/18/1908 W/O W C Kindrick
Lewis, Sarah 2/13/1820 10/22/1882  
Lindsey, Mattie B 2/20/1888 10/7/1902  
Lindsey, Nannie D 4/4/1892 1/21/1910  
Lindsey, Sallie A 4/29/1865 7/24/1917  
Lindsey, W E 1/16/1854 12/21/1915  
Lumpkin, Sam Cleage 2/22/1841 3/28/1877 "Murdered over a dog fight"
Lumpkin, Thomas Crutchfield 1/10/1848 9/7/1878  
Mathis, John 5/22/1926 11/2/1926  
Mathis, Malissa B 1/29/1824 5/20/1891 W/O James K Mathis
Mathis, Mary Joanna Desha 1866 08/20/1915 unmarked; Info from Linda Gupton
Mathis, Ruthie 9/14/1867 12/17/1902 D/O E A & Amanda Mathis
Mathis, Sairy Lisbeth 2/12/1890 3/16/1926  
McElhaney, Arthur R 10/2/1884 10/4/1886 S/O RL & F McElhaney
Meroney, Mary Jane 12/9/1824 6/3/1905  
Miller, Grace A. McElhaney 8/31/1881 10/15/1905 W/O M P Miller
Montgomery, Lizzie Woodward 12/18/1877 2/24/1897 Killed by Train
Montgomery, Roy 1897 2/24/1897 Killed by train. Burried with mother, Lizzie Montgomery
Myers, J M     H/O Mary Ann Sivley
Myers, Susie 4/27/1928 2/17/1891 W/O J M Myers
Nelson, Juanita 10/9/1914 7/12/1926 D/O JF & Sarah Nelson
Noble, M F 4/5/1927 1/24/1929  
Owsley, Manda   3/17/1900  
Pearson, Joseph   10/10/1884 Age 78 yrs, 2mo, 28dys
Potts, Willie 1/23/1886 7/11/1887 S/O DP & MA Potts
Reed, Mack 6/7/1890 8/28/1903  
Rogers, D L      
Sanders, Harvey 4/15/1889 8/21/1927  
Shepard, Octavie 12/2/1894 6/10/1907  
Sively, Daniel H 8/8/1828 2/17/1891 H/O Mary Ann Sivley
Sively, Mary 6/17/1809 12/3/1858 W/O Absolem Sively
Sivley, Absalom 1/16/1827 1/16/1912  
Sivley, Absolum     Lieutenant, Co H 2nd TN Cavalry CSA
Sivley, Addie Armstrong   1878 W/O Jim Sivley
Sivley, Gandis M 5/1/1883 9/9/1884 D/O TJ & SA Sivley
Sivley, Mary A 12/16/1849 8/11/1900  
Sivley, Rebecca 5/25/1797 5/9/1847 W/O Absolem Sively
Sivley, Sarah A 1/30/1841 10/7/1899 W/O T J Sivley
Sivley, T J 8/29/1845 7/12/1902 Erected by their son J G Sivley
Smith, Jessie Pauline 7/16/1891 9/23/1891  
Snider, Theresa J 11/8/1843 3/25/1913  
Snider, Thomas M 12/5/1870 8/19/1890  
Stanfield, Nannie Mae 2/9/1891 4/22/1892  
Thornburg, Margarett   9/20/1917 Age 65 yrs
Thrower, Annie 2/9/1823 8/20/1891 2nd wife of Rev Young S Thrower m:11/22/1892
Thrower, Callie Hughes Crawford 3/17/1848 12/28/1895  
Watson, J F 12/1/1914 3/1915  
Webb, Alvin E 1/20/1891 7/12/1891 S/O GW & MG Webb
Webb, Conie 10/2/1897 9/18/1898 S/O JP & ML Webb
Webb, King 6/10/1902 4/30/1904 S/O JP & ML Webb
Webb, Mary G 6/11/1874 7/11/1892 W/O GW Webb
Webb, Ora Belle 10/20/1888 12/19/1917 W/O W F Webb
Webb, Sarah E 4/16/1845 9/26/1908 W/O William Webb
Webb, William 3/27/1843 3/15/1900  
Wilson, Carrie Helen 7/15/1899 7/31/1915  
Wilson, Cathline 12/7/1919 11/24/1920 D/O W & C Wilson
Wilson, Iphigenia 6/17/1913 10/19/1913  
Wilson, Little Willie 1/25/1886 2/5/1886 S/O George & MJ Wilson
Wilson, Willard W 3/11/1881 10/25/1890 S/O Geo & M J Wilson
Wooden, Beckie 6/14/1866 4/27/1925 W/O Jim Wooden
Wooden, Bennett 1/17/1899 3/26/1933  
Wooden, Jim 1/14/1865 11/11/1923  
Woodward, Ada 5/22/1889 2/24/1897 Killed by train
Woodward, Daisy 1/22/1886 2/24/1897 Killed by train
Woodward, Della 4/22/1881 2/24/1897 Killed by train
Woodward, E E 10/6/1850 6/10/1903  
Woodward, George T 1/20/1873 2/24/1897 Killed by train
Woodward, Josie L 3/15/1875 2/24/1897 Killed by train
Woodward, Laura Worley 8/27/1853 2/24/1897 W/O WJ Woodward Killed by train
Woodward, Mary 8/29/1884 2/24/1897 Killed by train


The Accident of the Woodward Family     

      The accident in which nine members of the Woodward family were killed occurred on Wednesday, February 24, 1897, at 12:46 P.M. The following came from the Chattanooga Times for February 25 and 26, 1897. The date of the birth of each one killed is taken from the tombstone in King's Point Cemetery. Additional information as to the middle names of some of them was found in The Times.

      The Woodward family came to Hamilton County from Murray County, Ga., and had been living near Jersey for some nine years. About a year previously, one of the daughters had married Ira H. Montgomery. They had a little son two months old. Up to that time they had been living in the house with the Woodwards. Ira, however, had gone to East Florence, Ala., where he had secured work, and a few days previously, had sent for his wife and child to join him there. Thereupon, Mrs. Woodward suggested that she wanted a group picture of the family before it was broken up by the departure of Lizzie. They were making the trip to Chattanooga to have this group photograph made when the fatal collision occurred.

      They left home about 10 A. M. in a two horse wagon. In this wagon, as it left the home, were twelve people - W. J. Woodward and his wife Laura Worley Woodward, and their nine children - Albert, George T., Josie L., Della, Mary, Daisy, Ada and Vergie - and Mrs. Lizzie Woodward Montgomery and her little son, Roy.

      They stopped in Sherman Heights (East Chattanooga), and had lunch with friends. As they were preparing to resume their journey, Mr. W. J. Woodward and the eldest son, Albert, then 26 years old, went ahead on foot, and turned the driving of the wagon over to George T., 24 years old. Mr. Woodward told them that they would overtake him and Albert. They wished to see some people along the way.

      The wagon proceeded towards Chattanooga along the old Harrison Pike, which crossed the tracks of the Southern Railway at grade at the point, as I am informed, where North Orchard Knob Avenue passes under the railroad tracks. As the wagon approached this crossing, Southern Railway passenger train No. 7, from Atlanta to Chattanooga, was also approaching it. The train was drawn by engine No. 846, in charge of engineer Abner Laird; the conductor was T. M. Randall. It was the claim of the engineer and of several eye witnesses, that the whistle was sounded several times and that the bell was ringing. The railroad approached the crossing on a curve which was in a cut. For some reason the driver of the wagon did not seem to heed the warnings until the engine came into sight a short distance away. He then tried to urge his team across, but it was too late. The train, still going at considerable speed, despite the efforts of the engineer to stop, struck the wagon squarely in the side, and smashed it to fragments. Eyewitnesses said that some of the occupants were thrown as high as the telegraph posts. Some of  them were dreadfully mangled. Seven were instantly killed. Two of the younger girls were taken to a hospital and died a few hours later.

      The only one of the ten in the wagon to survive was little Vergie Woodward, three years old. She was found on the engine above and back of the pilot and under the head of the boiler, very much shocked but not much hurt.

      The joint funeral for the victims was held at the King's Point Baptist Church, Friday afternoon, Feb. 26, 1897. Rev. J. H. Lightcap was in charge. J. R. Worley, a brother of Mrs. Woodward, was present. He lived in Murray County, Ga. Her mother, Mrs. Elmira Worley, also of Murray County, and about 80 years old, was too feeble to attend.

      The graves of the victims of this tragedy are in a row under a beautiful oak at the east side of King's Point Cemetery. Most of that graveyard is overgrown with bushes; briars and vines. The Woodward graves, however, seem to have had constant care. They are about the best kept in the cemetery.

Charles W. Lusk June 20, 1941.