Ooltewah, Tennessee

Surveyed by Ron Adams
March 10, 2005


Holder Cemetery is located on Private Property in the rear of a residence on McKenzie Lane-Ooltewah, TN and is about 200 yards off of the road. It is south of Mahan Gap Road toward Ooltewah on the left side of the road.


The cemetery is in pretty good shape as it is on two pieces of property and one homeowner has cleaned it up very well and neat. It is only accessible through their yards. No right of way to it.

There are only 2 readable tombstones. One is a double marker of Harrison and Margaret Holder. The other is that of Alice Holder, an infant in 1800's. All of the other markers are unreadable, if anything was on them in the first place. From past experience, my opinion is there was nothing on them when placed there. Most are slab type stones stacked on top of each other with no markings. One stone has the name ISON / ISOM and that is all

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