Fitzgerald Cemetery is about two miles northeast of Ooltewah, TN off Lee Highway. The land was donated by The Powder Company and is located in the woods. This survey was done in 1938 by Charles W. Lusk. At that time the cemetery was neglected and overgrown. The cemetery now lies in the middle of the Honors Golf Course. Updates were made in October 2009.

Photo Courtesy of Connie Roach 2009

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Photos courtesy of Connie Roach & Phebe Morgan
Deceased Born Died Notes
Fitzgerald, William, Sr.      
Fitzgerald, Edith Dobbs     W/O William Fitgerald, Sr.
Fitzgerald, Mary 3/22/1808 4/13/1893  
Fitzgerald, William 9/12/1825 11/13/1890  
Fitzgerald, Angaline Denny 12/4/1827 10/6/1884 W/O William Fitzgerald
Fitzgerald, Nathan A 4/2/1834 3/26/1907  
Fitzgerald, Celia 1863 1941  
Fitzgerald, Dorothy M. 11/11/1896 11/15/1986  
Fitzgerald, Elijah 1856 1930  
Fitzgerald, Emma E. 12/26/1892 04/24/1973  
Fitzgerald, Robert Henry 7/31/1871 1/10/1933  
Fitzgerald, Hattie M E 7/23/1872   W/O Robert Henry Fitzgerald
Fitzgerald, Esther Angie 11/24/1907 9/11/1913 D/O RH & HME Fitzgerald
Fitzgerald, William P. 08/31/1886 06/05/1962  
Fitzgerald, Albert     Infant S/O William & Wife
Fitzgerald, May Elizabeth     Infant D/O William & Elizabeth
Hixson, Savannah Fitzgerald      
Roy, A T 8/25/1847 6/27/1935  
Roy, Emily 12/4/1851 12/28/1926  
Roy, W F 12/11/1876 1/25/1899 S/O AT & Emily


Photos courtesy of Phebe Morgan, 2011