Donaldson Cemetery
East Ridge, Tennessee

This is an old family cemetery located in a populated neighborhood in East Ridge, Tennessee. It lies on a small lot between 3243 and 3249 Gleason Dr. The land for the cemetery was given by Samuel David Donaldson. At the time of this survey the cemetery was very overgrown and infested with poison ivy. Survey completed August 4, 2011.

Survey and photos by Dennis C. Wilson
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Names of individuals in this cemetery were recorded as they appeared on the tombstones. No attempt was made to correct obvious errors or differences in spelling. Every attempt has been made to record this information correctly. However, mistakes are possible.  The information on this page may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit or presentation by any other person or organization without the written consent of the contributor, the legal representative of the submitter, or the Hamilton County Tennessee Genealogy Society.

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d/o=daughter of; s/o=son of; h/o=husband of; w/o=wife of
Deceased Born Died Notes
Adams, Nancy Donaldson 10/20/1863 04/30/1937  
Branham, Eva Luella 03/30/1901 11/25/1930 d/o-W E & M L Branham
Branham, Luther 07/08/1840 01/01/1903 Co I IND INF
Branham, Marguerite 07/27/1899 04/29/1909 d/o-W E & M L Branham
Branham, Mary Louella Pratt 00/00/1865 08/15/1946 w/o-W E Branham; d/o-lewis Pratt; Info from death certificate
Branham, Ruby E 09/27/1908 03/08/1914 Unmarked; d/o-W R & Catherine Capps Branham; Info from death certificate
Branham, Sophia Saulk 08/08/1848 01/26/1917 Unmarked; Info from death certificate
Branham, William E 00/00/1870 10/20/1954 h/o-M L Branham; s/o-Luther Branham; Info from death certificate
Brown, Bessie 03/01/1897 03/31/1898  
Brown, Edwin 04/15/1867 08/07/1951 s/o-John G. & Anna Fisher Brown; See obituary
Brown, Elizabeth Gilliam 05/28/1861 11/12/1948 w/o-John G Brown; See obituary
Brown, John G 05/25/1839 10/28/1916 h/o-Elizabeth Brown; See obituary
Brown, John W 08/10/1896 04/20/1897  
Brown, Julia J 01/09/1893 03/14/1899 d/o-J G & L Brown
Brown, Nettie K 05/16/1873 06/07/1957  
Brown, Oscar G 10/01/1891 04/18/1899  
Brown, Rosa T 12/29/1884 03/15/1899 d/o-J G & L
Colston, Augusta B 10/14/1913 10/15/1999  
Colston, Carl Edgar 07/22/1908 06/26/1909  
Colston, Harry Edgar 00/00/1883 00/00/1921 h/o-Laura Denton
Colston, Laura Denton 00/00/1889 00/00/1970 w/o-Harry Edgar Colston
Denton, Charles Andrew 10/12/1858 07/23/1909  
Donaldson, Frederick S 12/02/1914 07/23/1975  
Donaldson, Isabelle 06/15/1867 05/21/1892 same marker with Samuel David Donaldson
Donaldson, Mary J 03/30/1854 03/16/1939 age 85 yrs
Donaldson, Patty Jean   02/03/1925 Infant d/o-Wm A & Blanche Donaldson
Donaldson, Samuel David 09/21/1874 07/05/1895 same marker with Isabelle Donaldson
Donaldson, William A 07/18/1881 03/13/1933 h/o-Blanche Donaldson
Funkhouser, Emma Irene 05/24/1907 10/16/2000  
Grant, Sandra A 11/29/1935 01/30/1948  
Johnson, Nettie 00/00/1903 00/00/1931 d/o - H A Knauff
Knauff, Hugo G 10/04/1907 01/13/1908 s/o-H A Knauff
Knauff, Louisa A Brown 10/12/1879 10/11/1907  
McCroy, Minnie Donaldson 07/03/1873 06/06/1938 w/o-J C McCroy; d/o-Jimmy Donaldson; Info from death certificate
Olson, Laura Pearl 00/00/1909 00/00/2005  
Robb, Blanche Kinsey Donaldson 11/01/1883 08/08/1945 w/o-William Donaldson & Edwin J Robb; Info from death certificate
Robertson, Betty Louise 00/00/1916 05/07/1925 d/o-James A & Ann Knauff Robertson
Robertson, Infant Son     s/o-J A Robertson
Robertson, James A 09/25/1892 12/28/1928 s/o-W J & Mary Arnold Robertson; Info from death certificate
Shumaker, Carrie E Donaldson 03/31/1864 10/02/1937 d/o-Joe & Jane Lecroy Donaldson; w/o-T J Shumaker
Shumaker, Thomas J 02/11/1864 11/12/1954 dates from death certificate


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