Conner Cemetery is a very historic graveyard as it contains two Revolutionary War veterans.  The Conner Cemetery Assn has placed 141 numbered markers in the cemetery to mark unmarked graves.  It is located on private property, the farm of Ronald Johnson, at 13825 Birchwood Pike near Birchwood in Northwest Hamilton County.  From the intersection of Birchwood Pike (Hwy 312) at Hwy 58, drive northwest 12.2 miles.  The farm is situated on the left side of the road, 2/10 mile past New Liberty Baptist Church.  The cemetery would be very difficult to find without guidance.  It is well fenced as the pastures are active.  Nearby on the same farm is Cookston Cemetery. Surveyed  2003

Names of individuals in this cemetery were recorded as they appeared on the tombstones. No attempt was made to correct obvious errors or differences in spelling. Every attempt has been made to record this information correctly. However, mistakes are possible.  The information on this page may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit or presentation by any other person or organization without the written consent of the contributor, the legal representative of the submitter, or The Hamilton County Tennessee Genealogy Society.

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Aslinger, Joshua, I 09/25/1847 09/25/1882   Co E 5th Tn Infantry
Bean, Mary A 04/15/1811 02/09/1899    
Blair, P J 02/27/1856 09/13/1900    
Chambers, Pheba Carrie Conner 05/09/1836 06/27/1875   "Mother"
Conner, Martha Palmer 10/16/1815 06/14/1890 00/00/1830  
Conner, Maximilian Haney "Max" II 01/02/1806 07/07/1893 00/00/1830  
Eastman, E H 00/00/1829 08/16/1893   birthdate is estimate, "age about 64 years at death"
Hixson, Burke 10/22/1876 05/15/1918    
McClanahan, Mellindy 07/14/1852 02/19/1892    
Moore, Mariah Atkins     09/20/1786 Photo courtesy of Cynthia Chavis Matsumoto
Moore, William Jefferson "Bill"     09/20/1786 Revolutionary War Soldier; Photo courtesy of Cynthia Chavis Matsumoto
Munger, Joseph 03/02/1816 12/07/1890    
Palmer, Emily Atkins 00/00/1760   09/20/1786 birthdate is estimate
Palmer, Thomas, Sr 01/04/1760 12/00/1852 09/20/1786 "Born-Winchester, Va" Revolutionary War Soldier; Photo courtesy of Cynthia Chavis Matsumoto
Roark, Infant Boy 02/10/1895 02/10/1895   "Infant son of Wm Marion & Virginia Ann Conner Roark"
Roark, James P 10/09/1798 08/29/1877    
Roark, Jerusha Blythe 09/16/1806 05/06/1876    
Roark, John Mark "Johnny" 02/23/1888 09/07/1898   "Son of Wm Marion & Virginia Ann Conner Roark"
Roark, Martha Jane 08/31/1860 01/25/1882   "Wife of J J Roark"
Roark, Rosalie Vivian 10/13/1896 01/08/1897   "Daughter of Wm Marion & Virginia Ann Conner Roark"
Russell, John J 04/19/1879 01/25/1887   "Son of H D & S A Russell"
Scott, Lee Roy 09/11/1928 12/28/1928    
Scott, Mary Jane   03/10/1925    
Smith, John C 05/20/1838 05/14/1910    death year hard to read as stone has been broken. Could be 1918.
Smith, Martha A 09/19/1846 12/30/1928    
Walker, Susen 08/27/18?? 12/??/1896   homemade marker very hard to read