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This cemetery was established in 1840 by John Chestnut and contains over 200 graves, many unmarked. It was originally located in Bradley County, but was cut off from Bradley when James County was erected in 1871. Following the dissolution of James County it once again became part of Hamilton County. Members of the Elliott and Neal families are said to be interred here. This survey was made by John Morgan Wooten in 1936 and the WPA in 1939. It is not known if burials have taken place in the cemetery since that time. The driving directions given below were provided by Delta Genealogical Society in 1986 with updates made in 2003. However, an attempt to locate the cemetery in October 2003 was unsuccessful. It is reportedly located in the woods, across a large creek, off Tallent Road in Collegedale, TN.

Take I-75 North to the Ooltewah-Summit exit (7A), turn right onto Lee Highway (11 & 64) N. Go 0.2 miles and turn right on Little Debbie Parkway. Go to Apison Pike and turn left. Go into Collegedale and turn left at the 4-way stop. Cross the railroad tracks and go one block to Tallent Road. Turn left, go 0.8 miles. The cemetery is located somewhere in the woods on the right side of the road.

Surveyed by John Morgan Wooten 1936

Names of individuals in this cemetery were recorded as they appeared on the tombstones. No attempt was made to correct obvious errors or differences in spelling. Every attempt has been made to record this information correctly. However, mistakes are possible.  The information on this page may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit or presentation by any other person or organization without the written consent of the contributor, the legal representative of the submitter, or The Hamilton County Tennessee Genealogy Society.

Adams, Judge W L     age 62 yrs
Chesnut, John 12/03/1802 12/10/1886  
Chesnut, Leon 10/25/1858 09/19/1864 S/O Robert N & M E Chesnut
Chesnut, Matilda 02/07/1811 05/28/1877 W/O John Chesnut
Elliott, Charles S 03/11/1855 03/01/1900 WPA record gives DOD as 10/5/1900
Elliott, John A 09/15/1883 03/17/1911  
Elliott, Mattie Tallant 08/26/1855 05/29/1915 W/O C S Elliott
Fitzgerald, Clary 08/12/1848 12/16/1879 W/O J F Fitzgerald
Gadd, Lina 08/03/1881 10/04/1913 W/O J Q Gadd; WPA Record
Guthrie, Fannie A 12/22/1830 09/07/18--  
Guthrie, G B F 11/17/1825 03/13/1871  
Martin, Doug 05/17/1837 08/06/1871  
Mathis, Joseph B 02/09/1847 11/27/1882  
Mathis, Lon H 09/27/1855 01/31/1907  
Mathis, Maggie 10/08/1879 12/16/1896  
McDonald, A W 02/13/1822 11/01/1870  
McDonald, Martha   11/19/1851 aged 51 yrs, 1 mo, 12 dys
McDonald, Minerva 04/24/1840 10/23/1872 W/O H W McDonald
McDonald, W 02/09/1796 12/25/1859  
McNabb, Alpha 01/17/1851 08/07/1874 W/O H H McNabb
Neal, Charlay H 12/19/1893 02/18/1894 WPA Record
Neal, L Lee 03/14/1901 03/14/1901 WPA Record
Roddy, Pearl 03/12/1874 08/17/1874 D/O T H & E D Roddy
Sanders, Polly   11/26/1882 aged 61 yrs, 7 mo, 18 dy
Sanders, William 12/03/1817 09/06/1891  
Tallant, Adaline 07/27/1821 02/13/1894  
Tallant, Lewis 12/30/1844 06/06/1871  
Tallant, May J 05/28/1850 12/02/1907  
Tallent, Willey B 06/18/1820 05/12/1896  
Watkins, Dr. Harvey 12/22/1820 08/18/1865  
Watkins, Evaline   04/29/1872 aged 43 yrs, 10 mo, 26 dy
Watkins, James 12/17/1825 07/02/1865 Co D, 4th TN Cav
Watkins, John   07/03/1862 aged 42 yrs, 5 mo
Watkins, Mary   08/31/1848  
Watkins, Robert 04/24/1824 12/20/1881  
Watkins, T P   06/02/1861 aged 45 yrs