Anderson Cemetery

This is an old family cemetery located off Snow Hill Road in the Georgetown area. The land for the cemetery was given by Mr John Anderson, his grave being the oldest one, 1834. The farm was owned by Mr George Goodner, but the cemetery is deeded seperate from the farm. There are dozens of unmarked graves dating back to the Indians. Many are marked only by stones. The cemetery is in poor condition. Almost all of the tombstones have been knocked over by wandering cattle from a near by pasture. There are numerous fallen trees that have damaged or destroyed tombstones and many graves are sunken. The cemetery is approximately 500 yards behind a house at 10544 Snow Hill Road. It lies across a creek in a wooded area on top of a hill. Survey completed April 14, 2011.

Surveyed by Dennis C. Wilson
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Names of individuals in this cemetery were recorded as they appeared on the tombstones. No attempt was made to correct obvious errors or differences in spelling. Every attempt has been made to record this information correctly. However, mistakes are possible.  The information on this page may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit or presentation by any other person or organization without the written consent of the contributor, the legal representative of the submitter, or the Hamilton County Tennessee Genealogy Society.

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h/o - husband of; w/o - wife of; s/o - son of; d/o - daughter of; WPA - Works Project Administration
Deceased Born Died Notes
Anderson, Alice N 11/11/1867 05/18/1869 d/o - G W & M M Anderson
Anderson, Chester D 07/12/1893 07/20/1900 s/o - W F & Mary J Anderson
Anderson, Ed P 08/03/1876 06/09/1931  
Anderson, James M 01/31/1841 12/24/1864 Co E 4th Tenn Cav
Anderson, John 12/02/1814 07/20/1902  
Anderson, John   09/02/1834 unmarked; Info from 1939 WPA survey
Anderson, John, Mrs   08/03/1840 unmarked; Info from 1939 WPA survey
Anderson, Myrtle   04/08/1925 Age 31 yrs; unmarked; Info from 1939 WPA survey
Anderson, Nannie O 06/19/1871 05/23/1887 d/o - W F & Mary Anderson; 15yrs, 11m, 4d
Anderson, Purlimly 10/24/1819 10/03/1891 w/o - John Anderson
Beavers, Charles C 02/14/1837 09/19/1885 h/o - Margaret Beavers (additional information)
Beavers, James Robert 07/15/1873 12/19/1932  
Beavers, John 07/20/1859 05/31/1940  
Beavers, Margaret 01/05/1835 05/08/1913 w/o - C C Beavers
Beavers, S J 10/20/1862 08/30/1927  
Campbell, James M 04/07/1840 03/08/1867 h/o - Lucy Ellen Lewis
Campbell, Mary J 09/18/1864 07/09/1928 d/o - James M & Lucy Ellen Lewis Campbell
Farris, John Henry 05/02/1866 02/04/1868 s/o - Elias J & Elizabeth Farris
Fowler, Lavenia Gillespie 00/00/1847 00/00/1920  
Garber, Mary P 03/02/1879 09/28/1904 w/o - P O Garber
Goodner, William Luke 08/08/1934 08/09/1934 s/o - Mr & Mrs W P Goodner
Hanes, George Jackson 01/041889 03/04/1959 TN PVT Com 330 Infantry WWI
Hanes, Ruth D 02/05/1921 04/21/1939  
Holt, Eliza J 04/09/1834 08/16/1920  
Holt, Isabel 11/24/1845 11/09/1931  
Lewis, James M   04/05/1920 Age 40 yrs; unmarked; Info from 1939 WPA survey
Russ, Louesie 03/02/1870 07/13/1876 d/o - James & Mary J Russ
Russ, Luther 11/22/1881 12/24/1881 s/o - James & Mary J Russ
Smith, Bruce Curtis      
Smith, Fred W 10/16/1874 04/16/1944  
Smith, John H 09/13/1839 10/05/1908 unmarked; Info from 1939 WPA survey
Smith, Johnie 09/19/1839 10/05/1908  
Smith, Lena E 02/14/1873 01/20/1964  
Smith, Nancy, Mrs 01/14/1811 11/15/1880  
Smith, Payton 12/14/1809 04/04/1876  
Spriggs, Frank L 11/04/1871 08/17/1924  
White, Lucy Ellen Lewis Campbell 00/00/1838 05/07/1916 w/o - James M Campbell & William White


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