Charles H. Coolidge

     Charles H. Coolidge, purchasing agent for the Dade Coal Company of Cole City, Dade Co., Ga., is a native of Maine where he was reared and educated. In 1868 he went to Chicago and engaged in the grain trade, in which business he remained until January 1, 1884, when he came to Chattanooga, and accepted his present position. In 1870 he married Miss Ella Parlin, also a native of Maine, and this union resulted in the birth of four children. The above company was organized in 1870, with $500,000 capital. They employ 500 Georgia convicts and 200 free laborers, and have an output of about fifty car loads of coal per day. Mr. Coolidge's parents, Elisha and Hattie (Bayes) Coolidge, were both natives of Maine, and died in the same State in 1862 and 1877, respectively. They were honest and well respected citizens.
Goodspeed's "History of East Tennessee" 1887