Alfred Webb

    Alfred Webb & Co., one of the prominent manufacturing firms of Chattanooga , is individually composed of Alfred Webb and F. I. Stone. The business was established in 1880 by J. M. Wilson, who started on a small scale with all hand tools and a force of six men. He conducted it one year when Alfred Webb, James Hagie and John McVey purchased his outfit. They conducted the business about four years when the other members of the firm withdrew, leaving Mr. Webb, who conducted it alone for one year. In 1886 the present firm became proprietors, and have put in the most improved steam-power tools used in boiler making. In February, 1887, they completed their present new and elegant works on Cowart and Market Streets. The boiler shop proper being 60xl50 feet, and the warehouse being 40xl50 feet, is used by Mr. Stone for general wholesale hardware business. The machinery department, which will be conducted by the company, will carry a full line of all kinds of wood and iron making machinery, viz: engines, boilers, saw mills, etc. They employ on an average fifty men. Their machine agency is superintended by Mr. W. A. L. Kirk Machine Co., who is an able and efficient manager. Outside of the regular business they are building stand pipes extensively for use in Southern States as water works. They are energetic, wide-a-wake business men.
Goodspeed's "History of East Tennessee" 1887