Azariah Shelton

      Azariah Shelton, the present efficient trustee of Hamilton County, is descended from one of the old pioneer families of the State. He is a native of the county in which he now resides, and was born on the 24th of January, 1850. His early education was quite limited, the ordinary three months' country schooling being all the advantages accorded him, but with the energy and perseverance characteristic of the subject of this sketch, managed to acquire more than an average education, which he has in later years steadily improved. When quite young he was apprenticed to a blacksmith, which trade he fully mastered, but this occupation was abandoned for that of the teacher's profession. He soon took the lead in his chosen profession, and in a creditably short time was elected to the office of county superintendent of public instruction on the first day of January, 1878, entered upon his second term in 1880, and in August, 1882, was elected trustee and tax collector for his native county, and is at present serving his third term. As a business man Mr. Shelton has no superior, and enjoys an enviable reputation throughout the State, and the State accounting officers are loud in their praises of his method of conducting the business of his office, and is exceedingly popular with all who enjoy an acquaintance with him. When but eighteen years old, August 27, 1868, he formed a happy union with Miss Hattie A. Carper, a native of Hamilton County, and by her is the father of one son and four daughters. He is a leading member of this county in the Masonic and Odd Fellow fraternities. 

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