Walter B. Seymour

      Walter B. Seymour & Co., proprietors of the planing-mill and lumber yards, Chattanooga, established their business in September, 1883. The company is individually composed of Walter B. Seymour and Henry T. Olmstead, who have their mills and yards located between Burton and East Streets and East Tennessee, Virginia & Georgia Railroad tracks. They employ seventy to eighty men, and handle on an average 4,000,000 feet of lumber annually. Walter B. Seymour was born in Connecticut in November, 1858, and came to Chattanooga in 1882. He traveled for the Southern Lumber Company, of Chattanooga, for one year, and then established the present business in which they are succeeding unusually well. Mr. Seymour is a Republican in politics, a member of the Masonic fraternity, and is an active business man.

Goodspeed's "History of East Tennessee" 1887