Apison is in Hamilton County, Tennessee in the Chattanooga metro area. The community is in the Eastern Standard time zone adjacent to the City of Collegedale.

According to one lore the community was named for Cincinnatus Apperson, railroad crew chief; the name was simply misspelled in recording.  Another theory said that an amateur geologist, Jim Roberts, living there suggested its name because of Apison Shale found in the area.  The village was formerly known as O’Brian when it was just a railroad crossing near the farm of Jacob and Mary Plowman, but the name was later changed to Apison because there already existed a town of O’Brian in Tennessee.


Dr. E. S. Blair, M. D.

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Dr. Blair a young medical graduate on his way home from college was attracted to a man who boarded the train at Ooltewah and recognizing him as a doctor soon engaged him in conversation. After they had exchanged credentials with mutual interest established, the young student asked for advice as to where and how a medical beginner could find a location.  Dr. Webb was on his way to Apison to visit a patient and informed the young doctor that this little village had no resident doctor and should be a good place to build a practice and a great field of service. So thus was Dr. Blair introduced to Apison in 1910. As he alighted from the train that August afternoon, he was directed to D. A. Stanfield's home where he remained for a short time before sending for his wife, Ossie.


Dr. E. S. Blair


The Blairs began their home life in Apison in two furnished rooms rented from Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Wilson.  After a few years, they purchased the old Felker home. There over a period of years many patients found the pathway to the doctor's office.


Dr. Blair was a general practitioner of the old school. He visited his first patient riding on a mule borrowed from Jack Sims. He later bought "Old Dan", as he affectionately called his horse. Then he traveled by horse back and by horse and buggy until automobiles replaced the horse and buggy. Cecil Wilson, son of John and Myrtle Wilson, was the

first baby the doctor delivered. Here, he had many other experiences, Mrs. Blair was a very efficient helper.  A. K. Poe, born in 1941, was probably the last baby delivered by him.


The Blairs proved their friendships through years of service. Apison not only had a good doctor family, but two good friends and staunch citizens. As he was interested in politics and a member of the Board of Education, the doctor's services were of great importance. He was a friend of our schools and churches, and a leader in many community activities.


After leaving Apison, the Blairs located in Attalla, Alabama. Since Mrs. Blair's death, the doctor resides in Birmingham, Alabama. We have no resident doctor since Dr. Blair.


Doctors serving in earlier years were: Bob James, Robert A. Wilson, Dr. Thomas, Bacon, Riggins, from New York, Calhoun from Georgia and Dr. Bruce. Dr. 0. G. Hughes, of Ooltewah, was family physician to many families here long before and after Dr. Blair. Hughes was often called in for consultation by him.


Committee Arranging Apison Community Revival


A community revival is being planned for Apison section early in September, 1938 at which the Rev. J. Fred Johnson, pastor of the First Cumberland Presbyterian Church, will be the speaker. The committee arranging for the services, shown here, is made up of:

(Left to Right) Front Row: The Rev. T. B. Hants, the Rev. Mr. Johnson, W. C. Adams, Dr. E. S. Blair, and Clarence Rhinehart;  Second Row:  Mrs. J. W. Longley, Mrs. Fred Fisher, W. S. Knox, and W. F Langley:  Third Row: M. W. Davidson, W. T. Stephens, and C. L. Carmack.



Copied from “James County, a lost County of Tennessee”, Ó 1983 by Old James County Chapter, East Tennessee Historical Society.


“Dr. Robert Asbury Wilson came to Apison in 1868 to begin his medical practice. He was a native of the Eureka Community at Charleston, Tennessee. He married Sue Basemore and had three children, a son and two daughters; Myrtle Jones Hullender was an adopted daughter. Dr. Wilson was a member of the Methodist Church, Woodmen of the World, and the Masons. He also served as postmaster and depot agent. Dr. Wilson retired about three years before his death on January 2, 1911, at the age of sixty-four. He was buried in

Cleveland, Tennessee.


“Dr. E. S. Blair came to Apison with his wife, Ossie, in August, 1910. As a young medical graduate on his way home from college he engaged in conversation with a Dr. Webb who had boarded the train at Ooltewah. Dr. Webb suggested that since Apison had no resident doctor, the little village should be a good place to begin medical practice. The Blairs rented two furnished rooms from Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Wilson and later purchased the old Felker home. Dr. Blair visited his first patients riding on "Old Dan," a mule borrowed from Jack Sims. The first baby the doctor delivered was Cecil Wilson, oldest son of John and Myrtle Wilson.


“After leaving Apison, the Blairs moved to Attalla, Alabama. After Mrs. Blair's death, Dr. Blair moved to Birmingham, Alabama.”


From the desk of

Ruth W. Longley

4411 Bill Jones Road

Apison, Tennessee 37302


October 4, 2005


This is all I can find about Dr. Blair, but I know where he lived.  My sister bought his house but she sold it and it has been remodeled since, but still looks like the place.


Dr. E. S. Blair’s House And Office In Apison


Cecil Wilson was my brother, born in 1910.  John and Myrtle Wilson were our parents.


Dr. Blair delivered my son in 1940 when a big snow was on the ground.  He also delivered me and one sister.  He even pulled teeth for us.  That is about all I know.




Dr. E. S. Blair

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Thomas Blair and Hanna Stone were the parents of Ezekiel Stone Blair, their oldest child.  Hanna's father's name was Ezekiel Stone, hence the name of her first child, Ezekiel  Stone Blair.  Hanna was the great grand niece of Thomas Stone, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence from Maryland.  Thomas Blair came to this country from Scotland. (If you or anyone else follow up on what I sent, you will find some say Thomas that was married to Hannah was born in Tennessee.  The reason I  said he was from Scotland is that one of his grandsons, also a doctor, had in  his obituary that his grandfather Thomas Blair was from Scotland.   Also, the National Blair Society for Genealogical Research has this same obituary in their records.) Ezekiel Stone Blair /m/  Jane Henry,  both from what is now east Tenn.  They came to Cherokee County, Alabama, in 1835.  One of their children was John Spencer Blair, the father of Effie Pearl Blair, my grandmother.  Another of their sons was Thomas Blair.   One of his sons was Dr. E. S. Blair.  I have never known for sure what "E.  S." stood for.  I had assumed it was Ezekiel Stone.  This made Dr. Blair and my grand mother, Effie Pearl Blair Baker, first cousins.  Dr.  Blair treated me when I had scarlet fever as a child. My mother always referred to Dr. Blair as cousin E. S.  He is buried at Forest Cemetery in Gadsden, Ala.  When his wife died he also died even though his body was around for several more years.  This was the time he was living with his nephew, Pace Smith, in East Gadsden.  Pace was the son of Dr. Blair's sister, Hattie, and her first husband, Thomas Smith.  Her second husband was Merion Sheppard, they were the parents of Dr. John Sheppard, the one that delivered me when I was born.


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A. Thomas Blair an émigré from Scotland

Wife: Hanna Stone-Blair                      

Hanna’s father was Ezekiel Stone a grand nephew of Thomas Stone a signer of the Declaration of Independence from Maryland


            Children of Thomas Blair

            1. Ezekiel Stone Blair

            Wife: Jane Henry

            Moved to Cherokee County, Alabama in 1835


Children of Ezekiel and Jane Blair        

a. John Spencer Blair


                        Children of John Spencer Blair

                        1. Effie Pearl Blair

                        Husband: __________ Baker


                        b. Thomas Blair


                                    Children of Thomas Blair

                                    1. Dr. E. S. Blair

                                    No Children


                                    2. Hattie Blair                          

                                    1st Husband: Thomas Smith

                                    2nd Husband: Merion Sheppard


                                                Children of Hattie Blair

                                                a. Pace Smith

                                                Dr. E. S. Blair died at the home of Pace Smith in East                                                    Gadsden, Alabama.  Buried Forest Cemetery, Gadsden


                                                b: Dr. John Sheppard




Dr. E. S. Blair M. D.

From Gadsden (Alabama) Times, May 29, 1957

(Items in parenthesis supplied by JWHenson)


Dr. E. S. Blair Passes In City


Dr. E. S. Blair, 77, died yesterday (May 28, 1957) in a local nursing home.  He had been in ill health several years.


A native of Cherokee County (Alabama), he was the son of a Baptist Minister.  A graduate of Jacksonville State College, he attended Alabama Medical College, Mobile, and received his medical degree at the Nashville, Tenn. Medical College.


Dr. Blair practiced medicine in Apison, Tenn. for over 30 years and opened practice in Gadsden during World War II. 


His wife, Mrs. Ossie Stephenson Blair, died several years ago.


He is survived by several nieces and Nephews.  Among them are Dr. John Sheppard, Miss Lola Smith, Pace Smith, all of Gadsden, and Mrs. Albert Rains of Gadsden and Washington, D. C.


Funeral services will be held Thursday at 1pm at Collier-Butler Funeral Home with the Rev. Ivan Trusler officiating.  Burial will be in Forest Cemetery.


Active pallbearers will be Walter Anthony, Billy Armstrong, Paul Jordan, Glover Johnson, J. H. Bridges, Dr. C. L. Lawson, J. C. Privett, and Dr. Dewitt Faucett.  Honorary pallbearers will be members of the Etowah County Medical Society.


He was a member of the Presbyterian Church.


(Furnished courtesy of Kevin Graves, Librarian in Gadsden, AL Public Library)